DFES is a dynamic and challenging youth development program. It assists them to develop practical life skills, leadership, team work and initiative. Cadets learn about the diverse nature of Western Australia’s emergency services and develop qualities of community responsibility and service.
The benefits:

  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun
  • Accredited training
  • Apply existing skills and knowledge to different situations
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills
  • Support your community

Students are taught knot tying, first aid and fire management (where they can gain a certificate). Camps are conducted for both year groups and are a great success. Camps are designed to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate skills associated with independent living, leisure, recreation and communication, while developing and strengthening positive relationships with peers through participation in team and confidence building activities.
All cadet units have a unit coordinator and instructors to provide leadership, leaders may be community member or often are associated with other emergency services organisations.


Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of material properties – wood, metal and plastics, whilst undertaking a variety of projects in our fully equipped workshop.

Through this they gain positive experiences in the safe handling and use of electrical machinery and hand tools.

Our dedicated workshop staff promote and encourage participation for students of all abilities.


Students enjoy a purpose built Art room with ergonomically designed furniture to help making student feel comfortable and relaxed in their environment, enabling them to produce some wonderful art. A purpose built amphitheatre allows students to enjoy the outdoors in a secluded and sheltered area for drawing and designing.