Students with a disability can apply to enrol in Education Support Centres.

Standard Enrolment

Education support facilities may offer enrolment to students in the following disability categories:

Students with an Intellectual Disability or Global Development Delay and who are eligible for an Individual Disability Allocation under this category. Students with eligibility for an Individual Disability Allocation for Autism Spectrum Disorder and a demonstrated high educational need.

Enrolment through Local Placement.

Where a student does not meet the criteria for standard enrolment in education support facilities but demonstrates high educational need, local placement in an education support facility of up to one year is permitted to address identified personal needs with the expectation that the student returns to their local school.

Local placement in an education support facility is subject to:

  •  Sufficient available accommodation in existing infrastructure and consideration of accommodation requirements for eligible students transferring during the year;
  •  Case management involving the principal, parents, Senior School Psychologist and/or Lead School Psychologist;
  •  Appropriate documentation of the approval decision and sign off by the Regional Executive Director;
  •  Annual review of the appropriateness of the educational program and the local placement; and all decisions to be capable of review

Parent involvement and informed decision making

Collaborative decision making and the provision of informed consent by parents is essential in the education support enrolment process. It is the responsibility of the principal or delegate of the current school (if the student is already enrolled in a WA public school) to ensure an informed enrolment request is made on behalf of the parents. A Request for Approval for Enrolment in an Education Support Facility must be completed when applying to enrol at an education support facility, then transferring between education support facilities, or when applying for local placement.